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From Housewife to Heretic Sonia Johnson

From Housewife to Heretic

Sonia Johnson

ISBN : 9780895943347
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 About the Book 

Sonia Johnsons roots in the Mormon church went back for five generations. Shed been married for twenty years, was a dedicated homemaker and the mother of four children. Then, suddenly, her life began to come apart. Awakening feminism brought her into conflict with the church fathers who, finding her guilty of promoting false doctrine, excommunicated her. Her husband wanted a divorce, because he was, he said, tired of working on our marriage. Sonia Johnson was shattered.But she prevailed. Sonia Johnson is now a heroine of the Equal Rights movement. And she begins her dramatic true story with the realization of being happier than I have ever been in my life.FROM HOUSEWIFE TO HERETIC is much more than her account of that heartrending year. It is an insiders view of the present-day Mormon church and its male-dominated hierarchy. It is a fascinating account of a womans gradual, even unwilling, progression from self-denial to activism. It is, above all, a story of loss and rebirth, despair and fulfillment--a book for millions of women trying to reconcile their belief in feminism with their belief in the family and religion.